Signs You're An Otaku

Yes, I should go out and be social. Yes, I should be sleeping. Yes, I should have read through that homework assignment. I'll just finish watching this episodes first. 
 You get incredibly excited when a new episode comes out.
you can never get enough
You admit you are an otaku, and you know a lot of otaku people worldwide from social medias. 
(You even have a better relationship with some of these otaku friends than you have with people IRL)
You attend anime events and you love to visit the nearest store for games and anime related things. 
(Always on the lookout for the next purchase.)
You collect everything about the anime.
You see this figure here? That’s not all there is. There’s this. And this. And this. This too. And this. To many things? I need all of these.  
No one in your family will never understand the love for the mailman and all those mysterious boxes that comes to the door every now and then.
 You own at least one dakimakura. 
(Embarrassing? The only thing that would be embarrassing is that you don't have more of them.) 
Did I say collect everything about the anime? 
Skrev på engelska för det blev bättre så, hehe.
 Kände ni igen er på någon av dem? Kanske alla? 
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